C64 Remixes

The C64 home computer has build in a remarkable sound generator. This sound chip has a very special character of sound. It's sound influenced a lot of today's music genres, like Trance, Rave and Psytrance. Well-known composers and programmers of game music did a huge mass of nice game tunes for this sound chip.

I started to remix some of the greatest game compositions in 1995. I did it just for fun. This compilation consists of a selection of my work, starting with the track Angel Dust made in 1995 until Commando Remix, which I did in 2005. This is a special edit of Commando Remix.

Jurek Raben - Supernerd Lightforce Remix - Genre Techno - Duration 4:48 - Download

Jurek Raben - Flying (Audiomas Theme Edit) - Genre Trance - Duration 4:23 - Download

Jurek Raben - Other Side of the Cloud Remix - Genre Funk - Duration 5:11 - Download

Jurek Raben - Toennel Commando Remix - Genre Trance - Duration 5:20 - Download

Jurek Raben - Angel Dust (Last Ninja Remix) - Genre Trance - Duration 2:06 - Download

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You can find more work, mostly from 1995 at this remix page:

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