This plugin is a high end volume and filter chopper plugin with a 16-steps slider-sequencer for volume, cutoff and resonance parameters. You can program up to 10 automatable patterns per preset.

It provide you with 2 lowpass, 2 highpass and one bandpass filter, a variable interpolation of filter and volume values. A shuffle function makes a good job for house music. Also the speed factor can be controlled and cutoff, resonance overall amount.

The plugin is syncable to all common hosts. Please try the demo, before you buy.


  • internal 32 bit float calculations
  • smooth interpolation, click free
  • 3x16 slider sequencer for cutoff, rez and vol
  • 10 patterns per preset
  • 5 filter algorithms, 2 x lp, 2 x hp and bp
  • variable filter- and volume interpolations
  • master overall cutoff and resonance knobs
  • speed multiplier 1x to 8x
  • 1/16th variable shuffle knob
  • auto default bank loader and more



35 Euro (incl. German taxes)
Windows VST hosts only.



Ultrachopper Demo
(ZIP, 360 kB)
VST Windows
(Adobe PDF, 34 kB)
VST license
(Adobe PDF, 6 kB)