funkFX will turn every guitar sound into funky stuff. Even plugged on FM synthesis, it sounds funky. You can use it as a wah-wah filter with a special character.

It features a volume detector and a lfo-controlled resonance filter that gives you powerful control over the cutoff envelope. Also the minimum and maximum amount of the filter value are controllable. There are also a bunch of reducer/manipulation parameters that let it sound crunchy. You can choose between 5 lfo waveforms and 3 cutoff filter algorithms.

Try out the demo version!

All parameters

  • Volume detect, volume release
  • lfo frequency, lfo type (sine, triangle, saw, reverse-saw, square)
  • minimal cutoff, cutoff, maximal cutoff, resonance
  • filter type (resonator, fuse, moog)
  • reducer rate, reducer amount
  • eq frequency, eq amount
  • smooth, mix


  • internal 32 bit float calculation
  • 5 LFO waveforms
  • 3 filter algorithms
  • strong reducer section
  • volume->filter lfo gate
  • smoother
  • easy eq to control brilliance



20 Euro (incl. German taxes)
Windows VST hosts only.



funkFX Demo
(ZIP, 419 kB)
VST Windows
(Adobe PDF, 33 kB)
VST license
(Adobe PDF, 6 kB)